Begat emoji bible

There may be people that can live without God.There may be some people who feel that religion has to be revised for modern times. The Holy Bible has been translated hundreds of times in dozens of languages. Prepare for the newest translation – The Emoji Bible. Is it holy?

Apple has begot an Emoji Bible as scripture for millennials. Emoji is a graphic language used for texting, emails, and social media.

For those born around 1990, emoji is a very valid, living language. Beyond casual use, emoji is being used in academic and science research papers.

The Emoji Bible follows the King James version of the old and new testaments. Common words and phrases are replaced by emoticons, characters of emoji written text.

For millennia, the Holy Bible has undergone many translations for greater accessibility to reach more people. Originally written in Hebrew as the Old Testament, the Greeks noted the first translation upon their invasion int the middle-east and north Africa about 3,000 years ago. Later scriptures may have been written in Aramaic, a colloquial language of that region. For those that read or write English characters, remnants and earlier bibles were virtually undecipherable. Many religionists and academics continue to debate actual meanings from earlier sources.

The Emoji Bible makes sense for some but emoji contexts are not as yet concise and universal. Reading a phrase written in emoji may also confound many readers. Interpretations may be more subjective.

You may find Boombox quiz of biblical emoji texts quite challenging. Can you read and understand them?

If you need help, this online emoji translator may help.

In marketing God to new generations, Christian organizations are developing emoji bible games to excite.

The Apple Emoji Bible is a hybrid that mixes words with emoji characters. Obviously, as emoji becomes a formal language, there will be new versions released. Emoji is constantly being born and revised as many languages are and have over generations. Did Beethoven know what jazz and R&B were?

In the beginning, God created the heavens and the Earth—and some time much later, humans invented an emoji language. In the beginning created the ✨ & the is the current emoji translation.

Be wary researchers: the next time you google a bible verse database, it may just be in emoji. You may have to broaden your search criteria.

The Emoji Bible may find itself on your Apple devices as a 3300 page bible. Expect alternate apps to emerge for Android and others. This opens new ventures to translate classic literature into emoji.

Is this blasphemous or just matters of changing times? When God begat many languages at the Tower of Babel, emoji may have been one of them. We just didn’t have the available technology. Is the Emoji Bible holy? It may be as it may be. Debates are likely to continue. Can you accept an Emoji Bible?