CBS stops feed to Time Warner is bigger than global terrorism news

Every story has many sides but terrorism shatters lives. CBS stops feed to Time Warner cable, leaving millions of Time Warner viewers void of any access to CBS and CBS’ Showtime TV programming is more timely than global terrorism travel attack news. People don’t understand why. Political pundits seem to belittle the ramifications if CBS stops feed to Time Warner. It is breeding a future terrorism act, a form of new marketing terror is emerging as TV is being born online. Where does the evil live?

Earlier, an article on Google TV appeared in LifeDoc Lifetime. It discussed online TV as the next distribution system to smarten TV viewer access. The terror threat is that old time marketing feeds may one-day result in threatening our access to TV programming.

Everyone is aware of the differences of ad-interrupted TV and subscriber paid TV with no ad interruptions. Subscriber TV also has different censor codes. As a TV programming provider, CBS and CBS-owned Showtime, for example. offers a cable or online distributor like Time Warner or Verizon, or AT&T, or Apple-TV and Google-TV for a small fee. Call it a lucrative hidden fee to allow the TV distributor to showcase a channel or many channels. This covers ad-interrupted and ad-free paid channels. Lets call this search engine optimization or SEO placement.

An earlier form of this was syndicated TV. A lucrative franchise, like CBS’ Big Bang reruns or a talk show, is sold to various TV stations for fees. That’s why Big Bang reruns may appear on a dozen stations. They are after-market assets. Those fees include syndicator ownership rights and royalties to original producers and performers. Each time the opening plays on Big Bang, the artist and composer may get a small fee. When you multiply all the syndications, that’s quite a chunk of money. There really is no free TV in today’s market.

That is why some shows on Netflix, Amazon, and Google stream free and some don’t. BBC shows syndicate over international “public” channels that survive on grants and viewer contributions. Smaller production and distribution costs allow free streaming.

When CBS stops feed to Time Warner hits viewers, CBS uses its CBS and Showtime program popularity to strangle Time Warner with exorbitant distribution fees. Under contract renegotiations, Time Warner and CBS warned viewers of this situation for the past month so service disruption was more of a startle than a surprise to viewers. For followers of popular shows in first-run, like Dexter, this can feel like a bullet in the chest, especially, since online access is also blocked to TW ISP users.

As CBS stops feed to Time Warner, we must be on the alert. It sets precedents for other mainstream channels to use when negotiating contracts with TV distributors. Unless appropriately backed, those ramifications can influence online TV costs as it expands quickly into this decade and beyond.

Gravity is the order of the universe but, on Earth, money makes the world go round. We are reminded over and over that access to enjoyment is rarely without a price tag and, if you want it, you’ll pay it. If CBS stops feed to Time Warner brings Time Warner to its knees, it translates to higher fees for TW customers. You can switch to another carrier but eventually CBS may do the same.

What we’re seeing is a form of corporate terrorism in global proportions. Of course, if CBS stops feed to Time Warner continues, you may not lose limb or life. In a world where choices exist, CBS viewer ratings may suffer as TW viewers go elsewhere. In this case, the consumer has the freedom to choose or wait a while till programming is streamable from other distributors.

There are always scapegoats and blame-mongers. Whether Time-Warner stops CBS or CBS stops Time-Warner isn’t as important as leaving loyal consumers and customers victimized by corporate negotiations. This is terrorism in your home, affecting daily living. Whether CBS stops feed to Time Warner or the other way around, you’re not getting what you’r4e paying for. At certain times, is terrorism ever fair?

Terrorist attacks occur daily throughout the world and range from gangs, explosions, and tech-hacking. We are finding that TV access is not a constitutional right and not a rite without consequence. As far as this battle where CBS stops feed to Time Warner customers, there are larger things behind it than missing certain sports, shows, and news. It’s a small attack that can influence the privileges of personal home entertainment access and the fees we are ready to pay. If CBS stops feed to Time Warner hurts you now, realize that you are experiencing a form of corporate terrorism that is merely a seed in an expanding forest.

Is it time to reverse back to over-air antennas? CBS stops feed to Time Warner is bigger than global terrorism news. It cuts into many daily lives. CBS stops feed to Time Warner has many perspectives but victimization has very strained happy afters. It’s no fairy tale. This is real terrorism for those who thrive on TV as a window to the world.