Sleeping naked is healthier for Republicans

A few republicans indicated that they, among the bills they may introduce in January, will promote industry backed scientific studies over more responsible academic or focused agencies. Over the past few months, people have been raving that sleeping naked leads to better health benefits and happier relationships. Wow! Are you ready to rip-off your pajamas? The study was sponsored by Cotton USA.

As we brace for winter, there have been several articles popping up since 2008, the promotion that sleeping naked is healthier for you.

According to surveys, only 1 in 10 (10%) admits to sleeping naked in the USA. An article, just released in the British Daily Mail newspaper asserts that health benefits extend beyond sex. It can reduce diabetes or your waistline.

According to this article, sleeping naked helps regulate body temperatures more naturally to facilitate better sleep patterns. An Australian study asserts that sleeping naked helps reduce insomnia and help regulate normal sleep patterns for dreams and long-term memory enhancement.

Sleeping efficiency, naked or not may also help release anti-aging hormones to promote athletic abilities.

There is a habit where people get up in the middle of the night and make a hot milk or hot chocolate to lull themselves back to sleep. Research shows that there are drops in glucose that attributes to shortening sleep patterns. Further exploration of this study reveals that a diabetic relationship is unclear. A tiny PhD candidacy study does infer that short and interrupted sleep may be associated with cardiovascular problems.

The American Academy of Sleep asserts good quality sleep provides higher life quality benefits.

Selling the concept of sleeping naked for optimal body temperature regulation is great fodder for media excitement. The 2014 research asserts out of 1004 individuals, 57% who sleep in the nude said they were happy with their marital relationships in comparison to
48% pajamas wearers, 43% nightie wearers, and 38% onesies. The study was also sponsored by Cotton USA and asserts it was aimed at the over-55 set.

How sleeping naked has anything to do with sales of brands that use Cotton USA is puzzling. The study was done in Britain. One could almost surmise this absurd relationship as an April Fool’s joke but the words have spread that sleeping naked with your partner leads to happier relationships are spreading around the world.

I would hope that the new Republican majorities in the House and Senate focus on more valid domestic life issues than sponsoring studies about sleeping naked. It’s nice to know what some people do between the sheets but that has little to do with more pressing legislative action for all USA citizens. In seeking better, beneficial lives, more responsible research should be government sponsored toward directed goals in improving conditions for the sick and better living opportunities for all American citizens, as opposed to the Koch brothers.

Sleeping naked possibly helps promote higher and more frequent sales of cotton bed sheets. Was this money well spent? I hope the government wasn’t involved with this study.