Apple can go with the iPhone 5 through kids and iPhone 5c

Skirting down to the 52-week low, Apple investors aren’t too enthusiastic with Apple’s iPhone 5 announcement. In a field of many premium phones, the iPhone 5c and 5s seem lackluster in spite of all available colors. Are investors in tune with customers?

Android phones are larger, brighter, and more premium. New Android 4.3 is a great match for Apple’s new iOS 7 so the market is ripe for competition among cell phone consumers.

The iPhone 5c can potentially be the winning swing for Apple among the iPhone 5 models. At 99.95 (with a 2-year contract) for a 16GB model, iPhone 5c is not only affordable but attractive to parents and kids. The colors are perfectly suited for a somewhat untapped youth market.

The iPhone 5c may rob Apple of the iPod market category but now the iPhone 5c will be perfect for gaming and music aimed at the pre-K through high school markets, plus all other features iPhones were popular for. There is a customer base for the 5c.

As for the iPhone 5s, at the offering price point, there are many other smartphones to choose from that offer new, exciting features. Seasoned and new adult users can choose from a vast menu of phones and Phablets.

The question now is whether Apple can drive the 5c to get full potential from the youth market. A supplementary question is whether it will triumph gloriously over the loss of iPod sales to this age group.

From an investors point of view, Apple lose iPod sales but may gain 5c sales to a new market. The iPhone 5c is the driver. The iPhone 5s may be flat or mediocre. On a broad, blank balance sheet, the success of the iPhone 5c needs to become the most wanted new toy to theoretically put Apple back into the black. Unless Apple can successfully tap the kid market with its iPhone 5c entries, some Apple executives will be seeing many colors as investors shed more shares of the once domineering company.

Has Apple lost its marketing wisdom post Steve Jobs? The answer may be seen as Apple share prices fall over the next few months. Apple needs to focus on the iPhone 5c as the magic trick to help make the iPhone 5c as popular as the iPhone 4. It might be difficult to pull off and even harder to find an iPhone 5c under the Christmas tree. Maybe Apple needs to make a deal with Santa?