Benjamin Netanyahu for USA president

After republican Ted Cruz threw his hat into the running for USA President in 2016 elections, it was discovered he was born in Canada. New documentation has arisen that Israel’s Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, was not born in Israel. He was born in Philadelphia. As a result, Benjamin Netanyahu is considering a run for United States President.

It is believed that house speaker John Boehner may be discussing policies and strategies on an upcoming visit to Israel.

A major glitch is that Benjamin Netanyahu has no party affiliation in the United States. It is unlikely that he can pose a challenge as an Independent.

Benjamin Netanyahu was always believed to have been born in Tel Aviv, Israel. New documentation from an anonymous source appears to reveal that Netanyahu was born in Philadelphia but circumcised in Israel. Pundits believe bid for USA president by Benjamin Netanyahu may be more valid than one-term Texas Senator Ted Cruz. It is unclear whether Netanyahu has United States citizenship.

Cruz was born in Canada to an American mother and a Cuban father. As such, he was a dual citizen, Cruz is an American because of his mother, and Canadian because the country. Canada grants automatic citizenship to anyone born there, as does the United States. If this validates Cruz, Benjamin Netanyahu may also be valid.

Early in March, Netanyahu addressed US Congress about an impending nuclear threat from Iran. His appearance was sharply criticized by politicians and, most disturbing, Jon Stewart. Though a potential political powder keg, a run by Benjamin Netanyahu may offset intricate political balances.

Americans for Netanyahu, a recently formed PAC, believe Netanyahu, as US born, is as valid as Ted Cruz claim. Cruz counters that he is an American because his mother is an American. Does this possibly sound like the Jewish law that religion is passed through the matriarch? Are we missing something?

Asked if this is an April Fool joke, a representative for Benjamin Netanyahu declined to comment. The newly re-elected Prime Minister of Israel has other issues to consider.

It is unclear, and nothing is evident, that Boehner will discuss this with Benjamin Netanyahu during his planned visit to Israel. United States Secretary of State John Kerry declined to comment but fears any such move may upset current US-Iran negotiations.

Many Israelis are skeptical and claim that Benjamin Netanyahu should remain focused on protecting Israel’s interests. One Israeli, Yisrael ben Yosef thinks, “This sounds like an April Fool’s joke.”

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