Synthetic Marijuana Called ‘Spice’ or ‘K2’

Want to spice up your life? Are you seeking to accelerate your blood pressure or psychotic episodes? Try the new weed on the streets called Synthetic Marijuana. This product is being dubbed as Natural by its marketers. It’s a dope for the easily duped. Many people are easily duped.

Many find that foods and prescription drugs have side effects. If you eat burgers each day, for example, you can get fat or clog your arteries. Certain popular medications can result in memory loss, addictions, and any number of symptoms. That’s because the body’s receptors don’t exactly match the drug you’re taking. It acts like a key in a lock that doesn’t fit exactly. Side effects are the results. When using Marijuana, like anything else, there are side effects. The availability of Synthetic Marijuana poses new challenges and side effects that users and doctors may not be wary of.

Synthetic Marijuana is also known as Spice and is sold as an incense. With easier access from online sources, this synthetic marijuana is becoming the second most used recreational drug behind natural (street-bought) cannabis marijuana.
Spice isn’t necessarily from a lab. Synthetic Marijuana is a hybrid plant mixing Hawaiian Indica and Hawaiian Sativa. It is a rapid maturing cannabis strain and may be grown indoors and outdoors. Under legal oversight, Spice is not forbidden by most laws.

According to the National Institute of Health on Drug Abuse, distributors of processed Spice may enhance the plant with additives. “Spice products do contain dried plant material, but chemical analyses show that their active ingredients are synthetic (or designer) cannabinoid compounds.” So, in a sense, Spice is a Synthetic Marijuana product. Synthetic marijuana isn’t easily detected in standard drug tests and can thwart parents from monitoring children.

While it can be used as room incense or as a tea, the abuse comes when it is smoked. Smoking allows the chemicals to penetrate your lungs, cells, and eventually make it through the blood-brain barrier. The effects are quick.

There are few statistics about synthetic marijuana deaths. Spice was discovered by US Customs in 2008. Synthetic recreational drugs became more prominent and invoked the White House to pass the Synthetic Drug Abuse Prevention Act is part of the FDA Safety and Innovation Act of 2012. In December 2012, the USA released a report of incidents that are like synthetic drug related.

Yet, synthetic marijuana products are legal and have no prohibitions of sale to minors. They don’t trigger a positive result on a urine drug test and are marketed as being “100% organic herbs,” insinuating that they are natural and completely safe.

While synthetic marijuana may not yield positive in a urine drug test, nephrologists observed effects in kidneys of users. Yet the absence of the drug in urine tests places parents and corporations in a blind spot. There’s money to be made here and now there is a synthetic marijuana drug test available.

Originally, synthetic marijuana products contained a chemical called HU-210, which has a molecular structure very similar to THC — the active ingredient in marijuana. Because HU-210 is listed as a Schedule 1 controlled substance in the United States, the fake weed products were manufactured and sold only in Europe.

Recently, two new synthetic cannabinoid agonists have been created that are not similar in structure to THC and therefore not listed as controlled substances. By using CP-47, 497 and JWH-018 in the synthetic marijuana mixtures, manufacturers are able to legally market their products in the United States.

Your body has (over time) developed receptors for the body’s natural opiates, endorphins, and other natural chemicals derived from diet. Adding chemicals to induce further effects, without scientific testing, may initiate dangerous opportunities.

The complexity of brain receptors and cellular receptors may deliver different results from one person to another. People can eat burgers with cheese and bacon and live long and healthy lives. Others will face obesity and cardiovascular problems. While marijuana is being decontrolled for medical use, synthetic marijuana is easily reaching people of all ages. It’s not illicit. You can buy synthetic drugs online.

Considering the difficulties pursuing the marketability of natural foods to processed foods, drugs like synthetic marijuana seem to blend in with our society. Doctors, parents, and responsible groups still face uphill battles to demonstrate that all those food and drug side effects may be avoided. The sad thing is that most people don’t care until it is too late. It is, of course, a matter of individual responsibility in a world that makes money in both manufacturing, enhancing, testing, and regulating synthetic marijuana. It’s a matter of economics over health. In an operant of supply and demand, synthetic marijuana may help increase abusers.

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