Hyperloop High Speed Travel

Scientists discuss space and time. Elon Musk goes beyond talk as he introduces Hyperloop Alpha. It’s travel as you’ve never done before.

While Apple is expected to reveal their next generation of mobile devices on September 10, the world waits for Elon Musk, the brainiac behind Tesla motors, to reveal more details about the Hyperloop transport system that may be the high-speed transportation system of our dreams.

Few people know about Tesla, accompany that produces premium energy-efficient cars that run on batteries. Tesla Inventor Elon Musk is ready to reveal his Hyperloop high-peed train that can travel from Los Angeles to San Francisco in about 30 minutes.

The genius behind Tesla plans to use electricity to propel a fantasy, futuristic train at speeds up to 600 miles an hour. The system would be cheap and convenient. Tickets would be priced less than than a seat aboard a plane or train. It is called a Hyperloop.

People have dreamed of high-speed trains for over 100 years. Robert Goddard, an inspiration to NASA, envisioned a train that would use electromagnetic levitation within a tube instead of a track. The design was called a Vac-Train. Fantasists imagine that an era will arrive when people will be able to travel on a VacTrain at speeds up to 2500 miles per hour.

Billionaire Elon Musk is one of those fantasists but the difference is he can take those visions and make them a reality. His Tesla Model S has an EPA certified capability of delivering up to a 260 mile range on a single charge. Its Supercharge batteries require minutes to recharge instead of hours. The car has been top rated Motor Trend’s 2013 and Consumer Reports. As a stock investment, Tesla is considered very profitable and is coaxing other car manufacturers to go electric.

Gas from oil is a limited resource. Most countries have virtually limitless resources to produce electricity. Trains suffer many derailments over the years and resulted with bankruptcies and no progress in the United States. A typical USA train travels closer to 70 miles per hour than up to 200 miles per hour in Europe. Yet the recent incident in Spain fosters greater caution that ground transportation may be as (if not more) deadly than air transport. Yet the world’s future of transport makes more sense if there was a form of VacTrain, offering high speeds and safety.

Hyperloop isn’t a long train. Hyperloop will transport people in magnetically levitated or magnetically propelled pods, with comfortable seats. Each pod may have a capacity of up to six passengers. At incredible speeds of over 300 miles per hour, there’ll be no need to snack on board. Tracks are replaced by sealed tubes that securely enclose the pods.

Only two countries are experimenting with VacTrains. Elon Musk’s Hyperloop is a very precious, advanced, out-of-the-box concept. Imagine using a Hyperloop to travel from New York to the West Coast in less than 8 hours. While no plans have been made to construct a Hyperloop transport, the plans are there.

The United States needs infrastructure development. Once it realizes that fighting wars overseas doesn’t necessarily improve living in the USA, it would be great if a Hyperloop system existed. Think of the jobs it will bring! Hyperloop is at the brink of providing energy-efficient high-speed travel. Elon Musk may be the innovator that can replace science fiction fantasies into viable realities. The 21st Century must hold more in store than the creation of mobile devices. It should revise our ways of mobility.

Of course and the obvious are getting financial support for this ambitious project that uses solar panels to power the tube. It’s definitely out-of-the-box. It is life changing.

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