Cholesterol management without statins

If you have elevated bad cholesterol levels, doctors choose statins as a prescription for healthy levels. The side effects are duly noted but few read them and, in some cases, intolerance to this drug is worse than its benefits. For those people, cholesterol management without statins is necessary. There are a variety of drugs that can help you manage your cholesterol levels. There are also many nutritional supplements.

Statins may weaken your muscles and cause digestive problems in some patients. The drugs, Lipitor, Zocor, and Crestor may also elevate liver enzymes and result in liver damage over time. Those with diseases like muscular dystrophy should avoid statins altogether.

Read Yeast Rice is a nutritional supplement that has had considerable proof of managing LDL levels but this also metabolizes as a type of statin. Nonetheless if you are statin sensitive you may experience some muscle pains.

Pur’erh tea has also been shown to help with weight loss and cholesterol management. Later studies demonstrated that it also metabolizes as a statin.

My advice is to temper use of Red Yeast Rice and Pur’erh if you are statin sensitive. While they are weaker than a typical dose of Crestor, accumulated effects may cause problems for those with statin intolerance.

Niacin is proven to help raise good cholesterol (HDL) levels and help lower triglycerides. You need excesses of 500mg to be effective, possibly 1 to 2 grams daily. Niacin has a nasty side effect of causing you to itch. Buffered Niacin doesn’t but does not have cholesterol management effects either. Slo-Niacin offers cholesterol management along with reduced “flushing” effects.

Policosanol is another popular supplement for cholesterol management and has no known side effects.

Use of Plant Sterols also have beneficial total cholesterol management properties. Beta-Sitosterol is part of this class of plant sterols that have demonstrated cholesterol reduction.

Now the problem of using nutritional supplements is that you need to take many pills a day instead of one. It takes a lot of discipline.

One note to understand is if you have high HDL of greater than 100 and your ratio of LDL and HDL is less than 3:1, even a slightly elevated total may not require management. Those with genetic high cholesterol may benefit from these supplements.

There are lots of natural cholesterol management types but they really need to be practical.

Remember that only meats and fish (seafood) add dietary cholesterol. You don’t find it in plants.

Visit your doctor twice a year for testing and find out your scores. That way you can target your cholesterol management without statins.

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